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Enodometriosis is a puzzling hormonal and immune desease affecting girls and women from as young  as 8 y.o. to post menopause.  Where endometrial tissue develops outside the uterus in other areas of the body such as abdomen, pelvis, ovaries, fallopian tubes, area between the vagina and the rectum, and the  outer surface of the uterus. The lesions could be nodules, tumors, or lesions, implants or growths.

- Endometriosis is a bening desease characterized by chronic pelvic pain, pain with menses, pain with intercourse and infertility most commonly.

- Diagnosis is generally consider uncertain until proven by Laparoscopy (T.V. camera inside your belly).

- Treatment: could be medical or surgical, several medications can be utilized, mosly to decreas your hormone production since Endometriosis is sensitive to your       Estrogen level. Surgery is not only diagnostic we can vaporize or destroy the areas of Endometriosis. There  has been new medication recently FDA approved that I'm very enthusiastic about it.

- Our office can manage Endo from diagnostic to treatment of your pain or the frustrating infertility that can come along with it.

Daniel A Rostein MD FACOG, Fertility Specialist. Fertility Specialist . Minimal Invasive Surgery. Assistant Professor at Loyola Medical School

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