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Using your best common sense and your good instinct to pick your doctor.

As a doctor I know that picking a good physician can be tricky and difficult at times. 

Someone told me one time, as a rule, you should never recommend doctors or lawyers. Let me tell you, I think this is wrong. I myself ask friends and colleagues for recommendations in the search of a good M.D..

It is true; sometimes what is good for one patient might not be good for another, for different reasons: interpersonal relation with a doctor, front desk issues, insurances are involved in the patient doctor relation, etcetera. 

In reality when you have been recommended, you have already established 50% of trust in your selection. 

There is no question that the power of the internet can't be easily disregarded. It is true that it's human nature to post a negative review more often than a good one when everything has gone smoothly. 

Try not to judge your doctor by his brochures or website. Instead check their credentials. Not every M.D. is the 1st in his class! In stating this, I want to brag a little bit about myself. I can proudly say out of 2,600 doctors, I was the 1st in my class and received the Honors Diploma out of all the graduates. I myself still teach residents and students after 30 years in my profession.

I want to let you know that I have been in the field of infertility since 1998 making me one of the pioneers in the field, working at the University of California. It had one of the first and largest infertility programs in the entire world.

I have seen many patients that have been or are treated by a surgeon, gynecology surgeon, or general medicine doctors. The professionals have focused on the problem with different approach based on the background. The surgeon will say the surgery/operation will be the solution. Guess what? This is probably wrong. The most invasive treatment at times may be the last possible alternative and not the last or only treatment available. 

Finally, I want to say that I do not want to give you the impression that I will give you a candy. I am here to serve you, to help you, and to be here for you through this emotional process. I will do my best, but unfortunatley I can't always please you. After many years, quite often in my career, I know how much good and how much damage a professional can do to a patient. 

Daniel A Rostein MD FACOG, Fertility Specialist. Fertility Specialist . Minimal Invasive Surgery. Assistant Professor at Loyola Medical School

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